Private Lessons

Suzuki Atlanta offers private lessons for violin, viola, and cello. Lessons are available for 30, 45, or 60 minute time slots to accommodate different children’s needs. During private lessons, students receive instruction with undivided attention and encouragement.

Virtual Lessons

Lessons are typically held in-person, but can also be conducted virtually via Zoom if families prefer.

Group Lessons and Orchestral Opportunities

Group lessons are a complement to private lessons and allow students to engage with, learn from, and teach peers. Group lessons are a fun opportunity for students to play with other Suzuki Atlanta students. Group lessons also allow time for teachers to incorporate music theory into the class.

Suzuki Atlanta Chamber Orchestra

As students progress to intermediate level (usually in Book 2 and are sight reading), they can participate in Junior Chamber Orchestra. Once students become more advanced (usually Book 4), they can participate join the Chamber Orchestra.


Students in the Chamber Orchestra and Junior Chamber Orchestra have opportunities to perform at many concerts throughout the year. Oftentimes, these concerts have themes allowing students to learn pieces from a specific genre, place, holiday, composer. Learning and performing music outside of the Suzuki books is an enjoyable way to encourage students to explore music and play well as a part of a group. Concerts have been a highlight for many students to have fun while showcasing the hard work they have put into learning and practicing pieces. Many students who excel at a particular piece can receive solo performance opportunities. (Check out some videos on the Gallery page).


Carol Stokes, Director
Atlanta, Georgia


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