Where do I get my child’s instrument?

Your private teacher can help you decide which size is right for your child, and let you know if they have a preference for any particular shop in town.


Will my child learn to read music?

Yes! Beginning students in Suzuki start without music to hone their ears and understand the mechanics of their instrument, but they are working on reading skills from the very beginning. By the time they are in chamber orchestra, they are experienced sight-readers.


I heard that all Suzuki students start when they are 4 years old. Will my 10 year old feel out of place?

Not at all. We have group opportunities for students of all ages and levels of experience.


My child has ADHD/dyslexia/Asperger’s (insert concern here). Can she learn an instrument?

Of course! We firmly hold to the core Suzuki belief that “every child can”. We are all different and have our own strengths and struggles. Music is for everyone.

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