My 9 year old daughter has been taking violin lessons from Carol Stokes for 5 years. Carol is an exceptional teacher—she is patient, kind, fun, loving and knowledgeable. She believes that making music should be a joyful experience and she makes learning (and even practicing) fun for kids. She teaches the traditional Suzuki method, but with her own special twist, and she introduces students to music theory and group playing from the very beginning. In addition to her musical and teaching skills, Carol is simply a wonderful person—she is a joy to be around. I’ve known her almost my entire life, as I too started violin lessons with her at age four! Carol is a true gift and we are so lucky to be in her program.

– Elizabeth Cox

How we managed to know about Ms. Carol and Suzuki instruction was pretty coincidental. The Woodruff Arts Center hosted a toddler day with what they called an instrument petting zoo. Our son was fascinated by the violin and the volunteer was a music teacher and friend of Ms. Carol. We asked if he knew of a good violin teacher for really young kids and Ms. Carol’s name popped out. That volunteer was a godsend and so is Ms. Carol. Ms. Carol is a very patient, fun and effective teacher of music to young children. She understands children and knows how to develop them in the right way and in the right pace. We love the Suzuki concept of group orchestra and group concerts and the way the STEP group has managed to orchestrate these recitals. We wish her the best in her profession and extend our congratulations for her inspiring work to various youth.

– Vange and Mark Shepherd

It has been amazing to watch my son’s interest in violin develop and flourish under Carol Stokes’ tutelage. Neither my husband nor I are especially “musical,” so when our son expressed an interest in learning how to play the violin, we contacted Carol because of her sterling reputation as Atlanta’s best violin teacher—and we have not been disappointed. Our son is motivated to learn and practice, looks forward to his lessons (both the private lessons and group lessons), enjoys listening to the Suzuki CD, and is proud of how many songs he can play. Carol is an encouraging, supportive instructor who knows how to ignite a passion for violin in her students.

– Shelley Massey

Let’s learn together.


Carol Stokes, Director
Atlanta, Georgia


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